Snowy winters and blooming summers, mountain summits and waterfalls, clean air and water, untouched forests and alpine meadows, animals and birds – this is the Krasnaya Polyana Resort. A healthy environment is the foundation of our business, so we take on the responsibility to care for nature, conserve resources and promote sustainable development for current and future generations.
Yana Perepechaeva
Acting General Director of Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana has been a socially responsible company throughout its history and remains so to this day. In recent years, numerous projects have been implemented to support educational institutions, the development of children's and youth sports, and adaptive tourism in Krasnaya Polyana. The time has come to systematize this work in order to make it more effective and bring it in line with the highest global standards. During the temporary suspension of operations in spring 2020, we carried out an environmental audit and began work on our sustainable development strategy.

The Krasnaya Polyana Resort team fully supports the UN Sustainable Development Agenda and intends to consistently integrate its goals and objectives into its internal documents and practices, and to report regularly on the progress made.

Our strategy is based on global sustainability goals to which the resort can make a meaningful contribution:
Krasnaya Polyana Resort
sustainability goals
The Strategy contains information about the resort's goals and plans for the short and medium term. The intentions stated in the document are of a predictive character. Their implementation depends, in particular, on a number of economic, political and legal factors outside the resort's sphere of influence. Therefore, the actual progress of future years may differ from the forecast statements presented in this Strategy. The Strategy also contains information on the resort's progress in sustainable development as reported during the external environmental audit. The reliability of all reported data has been verified or otherwise checked by the specialists involved.
Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for everyone at all ages">Ensuring sustainable use of water resources. Improving water use efficiency and protecting water-related ecosystems">Promoting energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable sources in the energy mix">Promoting sustainable economic growth and decent work for all. Developing sustainable tourism that creates jobs, preserves local culture and produces local goods. Developing sustainable tourism that creates jobs, preserves local culture and produces local goods">Promoting quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure to support economic development and human wellbeing">Ensuring equal opportunities for all people regardless of age, gender, disability, race, origin, religion and economic or other status">Ensuring transparency, safety, resilience and the environmental sustainability of cities and communities">Ensuring a transition to responsible consumption and production. Efforts to inform the public on sustainable development and living in harmony with nature">Combating climate change and its impacts">Protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems and promoting their sustainable use. Conserving mountain ecosystems and their biodiversity to enhance their ability to provide benefits and services">Revitalizing global partnership for sustainable development">