Suspension bridgeSuspension bridgeSuspension bridgeSuspension bridge
Suspension bridgeSuspension bridgeSuspension bridgeSuspension bridge

Closed until summer season

  • Polyana 2,200
  • start of the route: upper station of the Summit cable lift
  • from 10:00 to 18:00
  • for adults and children aged 7 years and over

Test your courage by walking over an abyss on a 200 m suspension bridge. The walk is suitable for adults and children aged 7 years and over.

Route length: 200 m

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Walking on a suspension bridge at an altitude of 2,200 m above sea level is a brand new experience for guests at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort. Safety ropes have been laid out along the route for guests, who will cross the bridge under the supervision of instructors, in a protective helmet and using a climbing belay.

The suspension bridge offers excellent views over the resort. Your adventure over a sheer drop takes place against the backdrop of wide-open panoramas of the Caucasus Mountains that are sure to receive lots of likes. And if you dare to look down, you’ll have a stunning view of the Mzymta river valley, mountain villages, and the Krasnaya Polyana Resort from way up high.

The cost of passing the route:

750 RUB – for adult and children aged 7 years over

This service is not available to children under 7 years of age.

Rules of Conduct on the Suspension Bridge

Only those who have carefully read the Rules of Conduct on the Suspension Bridge, signed the onboarding consent form and been briefed are allowed to visit the route. The resort administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information specified in the consent statement. The route instructor has the right to refuse entry and remove visitors from the route without providing any reason.

Entry requirements:

  • OVER 14 YEARS - independently
  • FROM 7 TO 14 YEARS -with adult supervision

Rules of conduct on the route:

  1. guests must wear loose-fitting sports clothing and suitable footwear: sneakers, running shoes, trekking sandals;
  2. before starting the route, guests must make sure that the previous visitor has left the route: there should be only one visitor on the bridge at a time;
  3. when crossing the bridge, two carabiners must be fastened to the railing rope;
  4. the route is closed during rain, thunderstorms and wind over 15 m/s, in which case visitors must leave the route early under the guidance of the instructor;
  5. equipment received at the start of the route is the property of Krasnaya Polyana, and visitors are obliged to return it after completing the route.

It is prohibited:

  • to cross the bridge in shoes with smooth soles, in high heels, or in beach shoes;
  • to enter the route when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants;
  • to talk on a mobile phone during the briefing and while crossing the bridge;
  • to remove equipment while on the route;
  • to cross the bridge if physically unprepared or experiencing medical contraindications;
  • to ignore the directions of the instructor and cross the bridge in contravention of the Rules of Conduct: instructors have the right to remove guests from the route.

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