• Location:
    • December–March – Transit piste;
    • March–May – Circus-2 mountain valley
  • Purchasing tokens:
    • at Polyana 540
      • in the rental office or at the instructor service opposite the cable lift;
    • at Polyana 960:
      • at the ticket office of the cable lift;
      • at the rental office opposite Novotel Congress;
      • or at the instructor service opposite the cable lift;
  •  +7(800)550-20-20

Measure your skiing speed using the SPEED TEST at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort Race Zone. Suitable for intermediate ‘skiing on parallel skis’ and for practicing downhill skiing in the giant slalom.

The race zone is a 150-meter-long sports piste equipped with a professional time tracking system. Here, riders and athletes can test their skiing skills and compete with each other by measuring the time of each descent..

From December to March, the race zone operates between 1,460 m and Polyana 960, on the ‘blue’ Transit piste. You can descend to the race zone on the ‘blue’ Krasnaya Polyana piste or the ‘red’ Ozernaya piste.

From March to May, the race zone will operate at an altitude of 2,050 m in the Circus-2 mountain valley.

To use the sports piste, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct in the race zone and purchase special tokens. To measure your speed, drop a token into the special token holder at the start of the piste to activate the time meter. You can start descending after the time meter becomes active. The result of the run will be displayed as soon as you have finished descending the piste. If your result is not displayed on the electronic scoreboard, please report it by telephone: +7 (988) 400-46-06.

You can learn how to ski downhill in the resort's race zone by taking lessons with instructors of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort.


Rules of conduct on the sports piste of the race zone

  • to use the race zone, you need to purchase tokens. 1 token = 1 descent;
  • riders who are confident in skiing on ‘blue’ pistes, with the skills of descending on parallel skis (giant slalom) are allowed on the territory of the piste;
  • riders assume all the risks associated with entering the race zone, and are responsible for their life and health, taking into account their own level of skiing;
  • children from 5 to 10 years old are only allowed to participate in the race in the presence of an accompanying adult who is outside the safety nets;
  • when skiing in the race zone it is recommended to use special protective equipment (ski helmet, slalom pads, ski poles with guards);
  • only one rider may use the sports piste at a time;
  • in the event of a life- or health-threatening situation, the rider in the race zone must give a sign to the track operators who regulate entry to the race zone;
  • if it is necessary to climb up the slope, the safety nets must be used when making the ascent, without crossing the descent line;
  • in the event of a situation where resort property is damaged, the rider who caused the damage is fully financially responsible for the damaged equipment.


It is prohibited:

  • to enter the slope in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
  • to change the location of sports equipment on the race zone;
  • for spectators and accompanying persons to distract the rider in the race zone and go behind the safety nets.

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