Barrier-free environment at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort

Инклюзивная среда на Курорте Красная Поляна
Инклюзивная среда на Курорте Красная Поляна

The territory of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The possibility of independent mobility, special parking spaces, emergency medical services, safe railings, access platforms and ramps with special non-slip surfaces all make for accessible and comfortable recreation for every guest.

We have marked out the best walking routes for guests in wheelchairs on the map:

  • At Polyana 540:
    Поляна 540 маршрут без порогов
  • At Polyana 960:
    Поляна 960 маршрут без порогов

Nine hotels and apartments at the resort are equipped with all the necessary amenities for people with disabilities: a barrier-free entrance lobby with a ramp, free access to restaurants and cafes, and spacious elevators. Most hotels have special wide rooms with help buttons in bathrooms and bedrooms, adapted bathrooms with reclining shower seats and low sinks. Wheelchairs are available upon request. Guests can stay in touch with hotel staff at all times via an online concierge chat.

Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi 5*

Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi has free access, spacious braille-marked elevators and wheelchairs available upon request. The hotel has two Superior category rooms equipped with special emergency call buttons and specially equipped bathrooms. For the convenience of guests in wheelchairs, the sinks in the bathrooms are lowered, and the mirrors, hair dryers and cleaning supplies are easily accessible from the shelves.

Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana 5*

Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana has a ramp to the hotel and free access to the restaurant. One Standard category room is equipped for guests with disabilities, featuring a special bathroom, communication buttons, extended doorways, step-free access to the entire room, and doors with a special stopper allowing them to be kept open. Floor markings in the spacious elevators are provided in braille.

Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana 5*

Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana has four spacious Deluxe rooms equipped specifically for guests with disabilities, with emergency call buttons, bathrooms with handrails, low sinks and wide doorways. The hotel provides wheelchairs, and the public areas are equipped with ramps for ease of movement. The hotel also boasts braille elevators and special fire alarms for visually impaired guests.

Courtyard by Marriott Sochi Krasnaya Polyana 4*

Courtyard by Marriott Sochi Krasnaya Polyana accommodates guests with disabilities in rooms close to the elevators. Two Standard category rooms are equipped with special bathrooms, emergency call buttons in the bathrooms and by the bed, special steps to the balcony, hooks for crutches, and special shelves for cosmetics. There are also four marked spaces in the hotel's underground parking lot.

Novotel Resort Krasnaya Polyana 5*

Novotel Resort Krasnaya Polyana offers two Standard rooms for guests with special needs, which have wide doorways, specially equipped bathrooms and help buttons. Entrance to the hotel is free, and wheelchairs are available upon request.

Novotel Krasnaya Polyana 4*

Novotel Krasnaya Polyana has four special Standard category rooms, with specially equipped bathrooms, where handrails are provided to facilitate mobility around the bathroom. A special seat is equipped under the shower head and the taps are located at a comfortable height to facilitate access for guests.

Panorama by Mercure Krasnaya Polyana 4*

Panorama by Mercure Krasnaya Polyana provides guests with disabilities with four specially equipped suites: they are significantly larger than standard rooms, and the bathrooms are equipped with all necessary amenities. There is a ramp at the hotel entrance and wide elevators for guests in wheelchairs.

ibis Styles Krasnaya Polyana 4*

ibis Styles Krasnaya Polyana is equipped with ramps and spacious elevators. Access to the reception and restaurant is free. The elevator is spacious and has signs in braille.

Dolina 960 4*

Dolina 960 has one Standard room equipped with everything guests with special needs require, including a special bathroom and emergency call buttons. The hotel provides wheelchairs.

Krasnaya Polyana Resort Apartments

The apartment complex at Polyana 540 and Polyana 960 has 48 rooms specially equipped for guests in wheelchairs, guests with locomotor diseases, guests with impaired hearing and guests with impaired vision. The rooms are equipped differently according to the disability, which is taken into account when checking in for guests with limited mobility.